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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 9, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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hello. i'm beth troutman, welcome to "right this minute." we've got videos first. one minute they were smiling on a small plane joyride. >> then, the nightmare happened. >> oh, no! >> we've got crash video from inside the cockpit. and one incredible story of
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survival. >> this one is really going to blow your mind. >> see a delivery van russian style. >> he was like, okay, i'm done. >> she's like all right, was that 4th street? see ya. >> a storm watcher gets a great idea. >> i'm going to go outside and show you what it looks like right now. >> the second he turns the camera outside, boom! >> find out what happens when the swearing stops. and a high-rise stunt video that's blowing up the web. >> i can't put my finger on what makes this one different. >> it's boobs. i think we've all had this nightmare, but in this next video, it actually comes true. four guys were doing some hiking. they decided to take a plane into a nearby small mountain town for dinner. the pilot is 70-year-old leslie gropp. the co-pilot is nathan williams. the passengers are leslie's son
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and alexander garrett. they start gaining some elevation, then the nightmare happens. >> they're getting too close to the trees. >> oh, no! no, no, no. >> oh, no. >> the video goes to black. >> is everybody okay? >> you can hear people writhing in pain. you hear them trying to get out of the plane. according to their youtube video, they said that after takeoff they had a hard time gaining altitude, maybe because of the warm weather. they believe they hit an air pocket and that made them lose altitude quickly and that's where we see them hit into the trees. there's actually another angle that appears from the back seat of this plane.
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sheriff's deputies also say that their landing gear may have clipped one of those treetops, causing them to flip over. eventually in the video, we see somebody pick up the camera. >> gosh, he seems unharmed. >> miraculously everybody survived this plane crash. the man who suffered the worst injuries was the pilot, 70-year-old leslie gropp. he was rushed to the hospital of course and had some serious facial injuries. and then you see -- >> the plane is just a mangled mess. >> images of the plane in shambles. you see this and you think no one makes it out of this, and all four of them did. i have proof, definitive proof that russians are tough folks. check this out.
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>> oh! >> what? >> she fell out of the back. >> she fell out of the back, scooted, got up and just started walking. >> where are you sitting that you can just fall out of the back of a van like that? >> i think she's hitching a ride somewhere and he stopped. she's like all right, i'm done, he won't pull off, i'm just fall out. >> before you go on, this comment makes me nervous. the comment said the van was white and she looks young. was she kidnapped? >> she didn't run away. >> but maybe she was trying to escape. >> if she was kidnapping and escaping, i don't think you'd stop and grab your purse. she had her purse on her arm. this one is really going to blow your mind. >> wait a second, was that -- >> she just walked away like nothing happened. >> how is he not getting a lot
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of road rash? >> what happened? i think this is another escapee. this person was kidnapped too. >> i don't think so. after he falls out, he stands up like, hmm, i just woke up. >> in both of these it almost looks like they have done this before. >> a bus stop. >> yeah, maybe that's a bus stop. sometimes when we're really hungry we'll say, you know, i stuffed my mouth because i was so hungry. well, these girls must have been really thirsty because they stuffed their pants with booze. is is fro a liquor store. you see five women reaching into these shelves, picking out their favorite booze and stuffing it in their pants, in their shirts, in their purses. pay attention to this girl with the yellow hot pants.
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she looks over, notices a camera. >> wait, so they notice the camera but that doesn't slow them down at all. they just grab a couple more bottles. >> apparently she's trying to block the girls from the camera. another girl went over to distract the clerk so he wouldn't notice what the girls were doing in the back. mind you, the girl trying to distract the clerk was wearing a red shower cap. >> were these girls >> they were not busted. police believe that they may be responsible for other similar robberies in the santa rosa county area in florida. look at this girl, stuffing it into her pants. >> how many bottles do they think they got away with? >> well, there's 99 bottles of vodka on the wall. take one down, shove it in your pants. videos of thunder and lightning storms popping up all over the internet.
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check this first one out from the u.k. they're pretty impressed by the storm clouds and rain, but watch. >> oh! >> that is insane. that was like right behind that house. >> and he was already really excited about the fact that the rain was just lapping down. >> absolutely lapping down. >> how about over to our neighbors to the north. the canadians have a couple of strikes on the net. >> oh, my god! that was on that tree. >> like aliens were being beaten down. >> play it again. >> whoa! >> i don't trust that lightning. i think someone was being beaten. >> it looked like a cylinder came down. >> you might check for the neighborhood dog. >> this guy has the funniest
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reaction. >> lightning storm, raining all day. i heard the rain coming down my fireplace so i'm going to go show you what it looks like right now. >> but his timing is pretty intense. >> holy [ bleep ], son of a mother [ bleep ]. excuse me language. so sorry, guys. >> the second he turns the camera outside -- >> holy [ bleep ]. i am so scared right now. >> somebody is so scared of boom booms in the sky. >> whoa! >> holy -- >> summer thunderstorms making some good video. >> hey, are you doing the jumping dance yet? >> he's got some moves. >> jumping is going on. see what it's all about, next. nice underwater stuff. but oh, look, a shark. >> that crunch was the shark biting their boat. >> see how this one turns out on
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i have a really cool project to tell you guys about and it all revolves around this music video. so the guys you're seeing are collin cooper and austin bieber and they're in a group called that's classic. >> he's got some moves. >> that dance that grandpa, grandma and everybody else is doing, that's called -- >> thumping. >> jumping in midair. >> this music video was created for the soul purpose of raising money for a charity called hope for haiti's children. that was a nonprofit founded in 1995 to help educate and provide for impoverished children this haiti. so every dime that is raised
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when this song is downloaded on itunes will go to hope for haiti's children. >> all the money? >> all the money. >> that is catchy. >> and it's an easy dance. >> to tell us more about their mission, we have collin and os sin via skype right this minute from from ohio. how did you come up with this move? >> we both like to do ridiculous things and do music together. >> so i thought why don't i make a viral dance video out of this. >> what is it about haitth yo yr country. >> i've been going down to haiti since i was a little kid. they need help down there. we thought better way to give back better than this dance. >> can you give us a little tutorial? >> first you want to lean back, be a little robotic, move your arms up like this. >> i think what's kind of cool about this dance, there's not
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many dances that you can do while walking. but if you're mad at somebody, just chump away. >> how successful has it been? >> it's got about 24,000 views on youtube. >> the true success is when they start doing this at a wedding. >> we want people to send in videos doing it all over. if we can get everyone together doing this, who knows what can happen. bull sharks are known to be one of the most aggressive sharks in the water. check out these sharks the guys found off the coast of the bahamas. you can see all the gjellyfish squirming on by and there's the bull shark that they're chasing along with the boat. it's beautiful, the water is crystal clear. >> that's crazy. >> isn't than amazing vo of the
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sharks. but these guys on two occasions the sharks bump the boat these guys are riding in. and listen to this. that crunch was the shark biting their boat, according to the poster. >> it wanted to be left alone so it could eat in peace and these guys were invading its space. >> cool video, though. very, very cool. >> it's really cool. tomorrow on "right this minute," traveling around the world like this. >> he's got on goggles. >> see what inspired this adventure "right this minute." you are about to get hacked for a third time. >> and this time it's the kitchen edition. see all the tricks that will blow your mind. >> wow! mind blown. and an epic wingsuit jump
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from the top of the matterhorn. >> it's one of the most iconic mountains in the world. >> we're not talking about the
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it's best of rtm time where we tell you about all the great videos we have on our website. beth, what have you got? >> i've got a fantastic video called your grammar sucks, number 35. this guy named jack douglas has
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created a little song making fun of all the terrible grammar that you see in text messages, facebook posts, and he uses real text messages and facebook posts. it's awesome. i've got one from our old friend scooter mcgruder. he tells us about the top 100 worst pickup lines. my own personal favorite where you say, hey, how much does a baby polar bear weigh? >> i don't know. >> enough to break the ice. my name is stooeeven. to see both of these, head to our website, and click -- >> best of rtm. it seems a day doesn't go by where we don't see some russian youngster up on some high building or scaffolding or bridge doing some death-defying stunt. there's just something a little bit different about this one and i can't put my finger on what makes this one different.
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>> it's boobs. >> i'm not sure if i'm supposed to be scared or turned on. look at the plunge she's about to take if she were to slip. >> it doesn't look like she has an air bag or a parachute attached. >> nothing. >> nothing to help her out. >> this video is getting a lot of attention on the internet, but i can't seem to figure out -- >> it must be the red/blue contrast. >> no. >> a lot of people are into blocking right now. maybe that's what it is. >> obviously we're talking about this girl's assets. >> oh, i was loong at her boobs. >> she is up there super high on one of moscow's high-rise apartments. we actually in another video get to see what this girl looks like. so obviously she's got her camera in a strategic location pointed down in a very strategic angle, but it's impressive in this video after she takes the camera off, she walks out again on the ledge and it's even more terrifying to see this from another angle.
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>> why would you do this? i'm so sweaty right now. and not sweaty for the seem reason that nick is sweaty. >> i have to say bigger than this girl's assets are her cajones. >> that's an asset of sorts. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> you are about to get hacked for a third time. >> wow. >> the guys from household hacker, they're back with light hacks. >> this is the kitchen edition. >> can't find the corkscrew? do not panic. grab a screw from your junk drawer, put it in the top and remove the whole thing with a hammer. flip your toaster on its side and use it to make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. >> wow. mind blown. >> well -- see, it blew.
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>> they're going to continue to be blown. >> want to avoid a pot from overboiling? >> it happens to me all the time. i don't know how i can get it to boil and not boil over. >> take a wooden spoon across the top and the water won't make it out of the pot. >> that's it? you know, sometimes you buy a dozen eggs and the expiration date might be a couple of days past it. >> i never know what to do. >> drop them in a glass of water. if they sink, they're still fresh. if they float, time to part ways. >> i didn't know my life was so difficult. >> your shirt is a disgusting wrinkled miss. grab a pot, wrap it in tin foil. >> i thought they were going to snap their fingers and it's done. >> that's what a girlfriend or a wife is for. >> oh, no, you didn't.
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>> i was having so much fun with this. >> this is sawyer and he's got a little problem with hardwood floors. so what's a dog to do? >> he walks backwards to get to the carpet. >> smart. he's adapted to his surroundings. >> see the wççñçñ t watch
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our show and we'll bring it to you safely. >> nice plug. this is sawyer. he is a 7-year-old goldendoodle but he has a little bit of a problem. you know how dogs have a problem
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on, you know, shiny, smooth surfaces? >> sawyer, come here. come here, buddy. >> sawyer has decided he's going to moonwalk it. >> good boy. come here, sawyer. >> he walks backwards to get to the carpet because he slides. >> smart. he's adapted to his surroundings. >> this is awese. >> sometimes he des but when s neds to get somewhere, he turns around. >> do you think they taught him to do this or he figured it out on his own? it looks like it's around corners. when he turns the corner, that's when he wipes out. he's probably i'm sick of this, i'm going to figure this out. >> he's probably arthritic, his joints are starting to hurt. i'm going to keep myself from sliding into the door frame. >> i wish he had a backup beep. >> the poor dog needs boots or
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something. >> apparently this dog is afraid of a lot of things. >> he's got to back that thing up. never get tired of showing you guys wingsuit videos. this one from the matterhorn. we've all heard of the matterhorn, but in case you're not familiar it's a 14,690-foot mountain on the board are of switzerland and italy. it's one of the most iconic mountains in the world. here valerie is jumping off the top of it. >> we're not talking about the ride at kdisney. >> no. >> or the old spice flavor. >> no. >> you've got the white snow caps and then the green valley below that he flies into. the video is perfectly still. valerie is an x games gold medalist. >> the reverse cam is always a
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little bit more terrifying than the frontwards cam because that gives us better perspective of what this guy is doing. >> this part is pretty neat. the point where he pulls his parachu parachute. >> that always looks very scary to me. to reach behind you to pull the chute. i want a button. >> like what if it's just too much and you couldn't get there. >> what if the button fails? what if there's a short? >> we'd have two buttons. we'd have a button and a backup button. fat arms, that's worse than buttons. >> thanks for watching, everybody. join us next time on "right this minute" for more fresh videos. -- captions by vitac --
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